” (…) and there’s real tenderness in his scenes with Redmond’s self-assured Susanna: she’s exceptional, singing with a beguiling, silvery tone and an exquisite sense of line.”
Tim Ashley, The Guardian, March 2018. Read more here

“His Susanna is the delectable soprano Rachel Redmond, and the randy page Cherubino is nicely sung by Scottish mezzo Katherine Aitken (below).”
Brian Viner, The Daily Mail, March 2018. Read more here

“Rachel Redmond sang Susanna, his bride-to-be, and she too was a constant visual and vocal delight, nowhere more so than in ‘Sull’aria’, her exquisite duet with Nadine Benjamin’s poised, vocally enticing Countess Almaviva.”
Mark Valencia,, March 2018. Read more here

“As Susanna, Rachel Redmond picks her way around the Count’s traps with wit and aplomb. She handles her vocal line like a string of pearls, with perfect elements arcing into a beautifully defined and shaped whole. This is a voice to listen out for.”
Claudia Pritchard,, March 2018. Read more here

The Telegraph logo“Ross Ramgobin and Rachel Redmond present an endearingly unaffected Figaro and Susanna… both he and Redmond sang and acted throughout with a freshness and charm that vividly communicated youthful aspiration and energy – Redmond’s glowing account of “Deh vieni non tardar” was the evening’s vocal highlight.”
, The Telegraph, March 2018. Read more here

The Times Logo“On the other hand, there can be no quibbles about Rachel Redmond, a young Scot working mostly in France. She’s a real find as Susanna: energised, quick-witted, and singing with delectable tuning, clarity and sweetness.”
, The Times, March 2018. Read more here

The Herald Logo“The stand out soloist of the group, however, was Glaswegian soprano Rachel Redmond, whose full, bright, soprano gave a radiancy to the music, most notably in the aria Ich will dir mein Herze schenken and its preceding recitative.”
Miranda Heggie, The Herald, April 2017. Read more here

Télérama Logo“Aux côtés des instrumentistes, qui jouent avec une joie évidente et communicative, la soprano Rachel Redmond, issue du Jardin des voix de William Christie, ne se contente pas de chanter (d’une voix ravissante, claire et riche), mais elle reprend également à son compte l’impressionnant éventail émotionnel déployé par les textes, allant de la romance à la tragédie en passant par la farce.”
Sophie Bourdais, Télérama, September 2016. Read more here

Platea magazine Logo“…Sobresalió también la joven soprano de Glasgow, Rachel Redmon, quien deslumbró en el acto segundo, después de un soberbio número previo de eco con las trompetas barrocas por parte de la orquesta, con la onírica canción del personaje de La Noche: See, even Night herself is here, con una atmósfera inquietante conseguida por el acompañamiento instrumental de serena candidez, la soprano destiló con elegancia y belleza turbadora su voz impoluta y de seductora homogeneidad y expresión.”
Jordi Maddaleno, Platea magazine, June 2016. Read more hehre

“La distribution des solistes est jeune et brille d’un dynamisme particulier, à commencer par la soprano écossaise Rachel Redmond (collaboratrice fréquente et talent déniché par William Christie) qui se montre toute agilité, virtuose dans chacun de ses airs, qu’ils soient méditatifs ou agités.”
Sabino Pena Arcia,, March 2016 Read more here

The NY Times Logo“Amid the generally fine troupe there were standout performances by the soprano Rachel Redmond. She brought velvety warmth and focus to the part of Irene, the latest object of the philandering Léandre’s affections, as well as to the double role of Léontine, the opera singer, and Flore, the shepherd she portrays onstage and whose woolly wards turn naughty.”
Corinna da Fonseca-Wollheim, New York Times, April 2016. Read more here

“Rachel Redmond, a charming soprano from Scotland, is a veteran of Christie programs, and like a few of the singers, has been here before. Her intonation was elegant. As was almost everyone’s.”
Leslie Kandell, Classical Voice America, April 2016. Read more here

The Times Logo“…the impressively silken soprano Rachel Redmond was tonally sure-footed as a mountain goat, breasting the coloratura summits with ease.”
Sarah Urwin Jones, The Times, August 2013. Read more here

The NY Times Logo“In “Caecilia” (Virgo et Martyr) the soprano Rachel Redmond was resplendent in the title role…”
Steve Smith, The New York Times, October 2012. Read more here

The Scotsman Logo“…the excellent young Scottish soprano Rachel Redmond is a name to watch.”
Carol Main, the Scotsman, August 2012. Read more here